This is a serving volunteer position, ideal for those interested in providing opportunities for peer networking and resource sharing, collaborating on special projects that meet a unique need, or communicating the value of the Association.

Community leaders contribute to the educational and networking activities of ACUI by creating a welcoming and inclusive community for members to build professional relationships, share knowledge and advice, and improve their work on campus.
Reporting to a Central Office staff liaison, for a one-year renewable term, community leaders are responsible for contributing to the educational and community building missions of ACUI through actively engaging members of a community of practice in education and networking around a focused area, with the goal of improving practice as it relates to that community.
While different communities have different models and have a varying number of leaders, the key areas of responsibility related to leading a community include:
  • Serving as a resource in helping members maximize the use of the community of practice.
  • Initiating recruitment and promotion efforts to bring visibility to the community of practice.
  • Overseeing the development of any program or research proposals, especially those that request funding.
  • Serving as the main contact when interacting with other ACUI component groups, such as Regional Leadership Teams, Conference Program Teams, and the Central Office.
  • Serving as the head of any formal or informal leadership structure the community of practice may develop in order to achieve the key functions listed below.
  • Monitoring, promoting, and creating new threads for ongoing discussion and sharing in the online forum with the community of practice.
  • Recruiting and promoting educational resources available in resource library for the community of practice.
  • Contributing to the educational goals of the community of practice through relevant online learning programs, developing resources, writing articles, proposing educational sessions, etc.
  • Serving as the primary point of contact for planning, promoting, and facilitating community events at the annual conference, such as meetings, tours, receptions/meals, preconference workshops, etc.


At the time of application, individuals must have: employment at a higher education institution; institutional or individual membership; a signed institutional support form; and a commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term. Applicants must also demonstrate an understanding of ACUI’s vision, core values, and core competencies, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. 

Time Commitment

Serving volunteer positions typically require a commitment of 4–12 months, though this varies by the specific project work of the role. Over the course of the term, volunteers should anticipate approximately 2–4 hours of conference call and project work per month.

Application Process

Applications for this opportunity will be collected again in April 2019. A screening committee made up of the staff liaison and related volunteers will review applications, interview qualified candidates, and make a selection recommendation.